Alterra Vita Sailing Experience

A great introduction to the world of sailing

Sailing Trips

Whether you are an Alterra Vita guest or not, you can just hop on one of our nautical excursions and explore many hidden paradises with us.

Even if you have already been at Halkidiki, from the sea it’s a totally different experience. Our experienced skipper will take you to unique spots, tell you all the interesting stories behind each place, and when the local soft breeze is out, you will take advantage of it to do some sailing and learn how to handle the ropes.

If you do not want to participate you can just sit back and relax, just by reading your book or watching the others sail the boat. Grab this opportunity to swim away from the crowds, visit beaches only accessible by boat and live some moments that you will never forget.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to explore all Halkidiki has to offer!

Would you like to spend some more days on board, maybe see more beautiful beaches?

We have you covered!

We give you the option to charter the boat and spend a few days on it living the ultimate sailing experience in Halkidiki or the Sporades.

Visit Flying Sailship for more info or contact us for an offer.

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