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  • Living differently

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  • For nature lovers

    That want a pinch of luxury for their relaxing holidays

Alterra Vita team welcomes you to your ideal holiday experience

We are happy to support your vacation demands and allow you to be spoilt without feeling guilty. We help you create not only your memories but your family’s tree generation holiday memory album and also create your own family traditions which will last for generations. Alterra Vita builds a life relationship with its guests.

We acknowledge the secrets and the philosophy of enjoying one’s life while on holidays.

The name “Alterra Vita” confirms this philosophy as it derives from latin “alter” (different), “Terra” (earth) and “Vita” (life). Living differently is the core philosophy of our business and the earth symbolizes our affinity for nature, the engulfing in beauty beaches in Chalkidiki and our love for the great outdoors. We are a family-run hospitality business, and our work involves helping our guests make the most of their holidays mainly in Chalkidiki, and more specifically on this beautiful peninsula called Sithonia.

We achieve this by providing a relaxed, discreetly luxurious and comfortable accommodation environment, expert local advice to enjoy the beauty of the surrounding area and also access to many varied activities to get our guests off the beaten path. Such activities include sailing, hiking, cycling, wine tasting and others.

At Alterra Vita we give our guests the option to choose from a variety of accommodation types so that together we can find what better meets their needs at any given period of their lives. It is not random that our guests may be couples, a group of friends, families and/or extended families with the grandparents. Everyone is happy, satisfied, appreciated and accepted in our hospitality.

A young couple with a baby would better spend their holidays at our Alterra Vita Bed & Breakfast, so that the kid can sleep in the room while they can enjoy a cocktail at the leafy garden. A family with many kids can choose Alterra Vita Homes by the Sea where they can all together enjoy a family BBQ at the balcony with sea views.

Nature lovers that want a pinch of luxury for their relaxing holidays can spend some time at our Alterra Vita Eco Villas up to the mountain, whereas a group of friends can also stay at Alterra Vita Homes by the Sea. Alterra Vita Apartments might be ideal for families with older kids, who can move around the village easier without the need of a car or their parents or for those who do not want to use a car during their vacations.

You can always ask us to recommend the best option for you. Our accommodations have different highlights each. Walking distance from the beach, breakfast, private BBQ, walking distance from the village centre, nightlife, supermarkets, restaurants at your doorstep, bigger houses where more people can share, 2 bedrooms or 3 bedrooms vs studios. Alterra Vitta team appreciates your interest all these years of our operation. We are looking forward to being part in making your dream holidays come true as our benefits are well established and confirmed from our long term customers. “Thank you for giving us the chance to create our family traditions that last for generations” were the words from a guest family which have stayed in our hearts and want us to be even better and trustworthy day by day.

Alterra Vita Sailing Experience

Whether you are an Alterra Vita guest or not, you can just hop on one of our nautical excursions and explore many hidden paradises with us.

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